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Big Break 2.0 is here! The new Big Break, brought to you by Emoteplay Apps, has new studios and caters to different levels of verbal ability, allowing children who are non-verbal to participate. The game is now available on the iPhone as well as iPad. Thanks to the Telus Toronto Community Board for your support with the new version, and thanks for input from our collaborators at the Geneva Centre For Autism. Get your copy at the Apple App Store.

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Welcome to Big Break 2.0! Big Break now has multiple verbal levels. Act out new scenes with just 1 word or sound, 2 words, or full sentences. Go to the new “Verbal Settings” screen to choose your verbal level. Big Break 2.0 also features new animations and scenes to enjoy. Emotion choices now have animated emojis so reading is not required to choose the right answer. Big Break is now also available for iPhone. Updates to screen sizes and to comply with Apple’s new regulations have also been implemented.

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