Welcome to my website!

My research focuses on the interplay between music, movement, and perception. Some of my research questions include: Does dancing or singing to music affect perception, memory, or emotional experience of the music? Does synchronous movement facilitate emotional communication? Does moving to music support proper movement execution? Currently I am involved in studies examining the role of singing in memory for song lyrics, the effect of music-based training on walking in Parkinson’s, and the brain mechanisms of memory for music in healthy adults and patients with Alzheimer’s. I did my PhD at Ryerson University in Toronto, examining the role of motor regions of the brain in emotional understanding of music and other audio-visual signals. I also designed an app that uses music and movement to help kids with autism understand emotions. My research methods involve EEG, fMRI, and behavioral measures, and I enjoy taking on new data analysis challenges.


  • Ph.D. 2015


    Ryerson University

  • Master's 2011


    Ryerson University

  • B.Sc. 2008

    Psychology Research Specialist

    University of Toronto


  • 2012-2015
    NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship
    Awarded $105,000 over 3 years for doctoral thesis work
  • 2014
    Fed-Dev Social Venture Fellowship Award
    Awarded social venture fellowship of $30,000 to create iPad application to support social communication in autism
  • 2012
    Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    Ontario Graduate Scholarship valued at $18,000 for Master’s thesis work